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Glue wholesale

Manufacture and repair of things that surround us, it is impossible without gluing. Bonding is widely used in industry. And as you know, the industry needs a lot of glue.
Clay is a mixture, with which you can combine different materials. You can glue the wood, paper, leather, textiles, glass, ceramics, metals, rubber, and plastics. Superglue first got in 1942 during World War II. Invented glue American chemist Harry Coover. Sell ​​wholesale glue began in 1958.
The appearance of the adhesive has delighted many people. In the USSR, superglue sold under the name "superglue", but buy in bulk adhesive was almost impossible.

Superglue wholesale

Buy wholesale superglue quite favorably because buying in bulk adhesive, you save up to 20% of its budget. EKOLAMPA adhesive offers a "moment", "SIANOPAN" superglue "505." The distinctive feature of these brands is the quality and the high degree of penetration into the bonding of the product. Online store EKOLAMPA deals with wholesale glue from the best manufacturers.


 "Henkel" produces well-known glue "Moment." "Moment" is divided into several types. The spread of the species, the most versatile, rubber, wood, glass, wallpaper. Recently, the manufacturer differentiates products to user groups. Produced glue pofessionalov and amateurs. Glue "moment" for the packaging of different professionals and usage. You need a glue less packaging, easy to use - should I buy glue "Moment" for the fans.

Clay CIANOPAN, glue 505

If you start a repair, it is necessary to buy glue CIANOPAN as it has
advantages. Clay CIANOPAN zatrverdevaet quickly. The adhesive can withstand frost, cold, resistant to moisture. Clay 505 in its composition has no solvents. Necessary to glue shoes, fix parts, glue rubber? - Optimum-buy glue 505. And glue 505 is very popular among carpenters.

Клей и суперклей оптом, в широком ассортименте: МОМЕНТ, CIANOPAN, 505 
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(067) 58-55-300