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Kitchen lighters

 EKOLAMPA company offers you the opportunity to buy wholesale kitchen lighters. The design and color scheme is very wide, so you can find the lighter for everyone. In the online store EKOLAMPA you will find not only lighters wholesale kitchen and many other consumer goods.
In order to create room for the chefs was developed Specialized kitchen lighter, it has a long nose, which allows the remote to get the wick oven.

Lighters OTO or OGONEK

Kitchen Lighter incorporates neiznashyvaemy piezoelectric device. This detail eliminates a source of energy and other consumables, freeing it from the wires and making more autonomous. In the online store you can buy lighters are not only different species but from different manufacturers. You can buy a lighter flame. Lighters OTO or OGONEK brand that in its price range are the leaders, use different high reliability and a wide choice of colors. You can buy a lighter flame in special units (packages).

Lighters xFOX, FOX

We can also offer a lighter brand XFOX. XFOX can buy lighters in several functional variants: petrol, flint and piezo. Is also different, and material of manufacture, metal and some plastics. XFOX brand known on the world market as a reliable supplier of the goods. If you decide to buy lighters brand xFOX, then rest assured that they will be very popular among the customers. xFOX brand produces not only a quality product, but also cutting-edge, some are equipped with a bright flashlight.
Зажигалки кухонные оптом, вы можете купить зажигалки ОГОНЕК, XFOX, FOX

(067) 48-94-053
(067) 58-55-300